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Essential Worker

Bonjour, voilà un message personnel, pour vous apporter de l'espoir, par la grâce de D.ieu.

Bonjour, bonjour, voilà un message personnel, pour vous apporter de l'espoir, par la grâce de D.ieu.

Grâce à D.ieu, pendant la période du Covid-19, j'ai trouvé et suis avec ma merveilleuse femme avec laquelle on va se marier l'année prochaine. Alors que j'étais avant cela un célibataire de 39 ans. Maintenant grâce à D.ieu la joie et le bonheur, la bénédiction et la paix, l'amour et la simplicité sont rentrés dans ma vie grâce à elle et à D.ieu.

Soyez et restez fort et courageux! Souriez, dansez, chantez et remerciez D.ieu car Il est bon et bienvaillant en tout dans les bas comme dans les hauts. Pensez bien et tout ira bien, car tout va déjà bien, même si on ne le voit pas de prime abord. Priez et demandez, ouvrez votre bouche et vos mots brilleront. Continuez à faire du bien, même en pensée et de façon cachée. Allez vous êtes une belle lumière, vous êtes une belle personne avec un joli cœur tendre et délicat ! Que des bonnes et incroyables délivrances dans toute votre vie, pour votre famille et celle de tous vos proches et amis ! Que D.ieu vous protège et vous bénisse grandement ! Belle et douce journée ensoleillée dans vos cœurs ! Bon courage !


Essential Worker

Courage, courage, courage, vous êtes des belles personnes, des belles lumières, plein d'amour de bien, et de bonté pour votre prochain ! Continuez, courage, soyez et restez forts et courageux ! Pensez bien tout ira bien, car tout va déjà bien ! Une bonne pensée emmène à une bonne action ! Souriez, gardez le sourire, dansez, tapez des mains, pleurez de joie et priez ! Dites des paroles d'encouragements et de renforcements ! Une bonne action entraîne une autre bonne action, vous renforce et vous protège, égaye votre joli cœur et tendre, permet à d'autres d'en faire ... à l'infini ! Easy, isn't it! Que D.ieu vous bénisse et vous protège! Que des belles et incroyables nouvelles et délivrances dans tous vos domaines ! Belle et douce journée dans vos cœurs ensoleillés ! Bon courage 😃☀️



I’m stuck in a bloody psych ward what even is this my life is such a joke in the past 2 months I’ve been restrained, injected in the glutes, seen and heard lots of distressing things and I’m just so tired



Uhm hi:> This day I feel so devastated. Because here in Ph. the students study using modules. So last first grading, I work hard and I always stay awake at midnight so that I can finish my modules. And this week I saw my grades, all of them are high except the math subject. I cried infront of my Math teacher. She explains that I didn't submit my answer sheets. LIKE WHAT THE!!!! I ALWAYS STAY AWAKE AT MIDNIGHTS TO DO THAT FUCKING MODULES SPECIALLY IN MATH AND I SAW MY GRADE 75??!!!! AND I FOUND OUT THAT ALL OF MY ANSWER SHEETS ARE MISSING OR MISPLACED BY SOMEONE. JUST AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH ALL OF MY HARDWOKS ARE GONE. I'M SO DEDICATED TO ACHIEVE A HIGH GRADES AND WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH I'VE GOT A FUCKING 75!!!!!!!!!!

United States


Covid allowed me to finally see how existentially lonely I am. I lost all of my capability to socialize and all of my friends. I don't talk to anyone but my family occasionally but I don't have any strong bonds with anyone. I did have a few online friends for a while but inevitably, I lost them as well. What hurts is that they don't even seem to care that we aren't friends anymore. Everything sucks. Nothing appeals to me anymore and I find myself in a cycle of loneliness and boredom. I went through the fright of seeing my sister's health decline due to covid. She has recovered, fortunately, but It's sad that I have to go through that anyway. I haven't been outside for a long time or socialized overall. I miss my old self. Why can't I go back? I just wish I had someone like I used to.


Healthcare Worker

It is bad

What happen to the world

I miss these days ,every one was happy and I was enjoying with love and play

United Kingdom


I’m struggling here with family at home, wishing to die...


Healthcare Worker

I’ve really struggled during this lockdown. My mental health has deteriorated so much to the point of attempting to take my own life multiple times. Services are so low and underfunded whilst being stretched to their limits i was sent home after each attempt because they couldn’t get me the help. However, i’m learning everyday to be positive and try to better my health physically and mentally :)



I was alone before the lockdown, I still am.


Just remember it is not ONLY old people who feel loneliness.

United Kingdom


Generally I am coping well with the pandemic. I have worked throughout as I can work from home and I have my own house with a basement where I can work on my upcycling hobby. I am very lucky in that respect. I live with my husband and daughter so I am never alone.


The three of us contracted Covid in early April. My husband is in construction so he had to continue working when England first went into lockdown. One day he was working with a man who didn't feel well. He was rushed to hospital and never came back. A week later my husband got ill and a week after that my daughter and I got ill. When my husband first got ill we followed the guidance to isolate him in one room but that soon fell by the wayside because he was too ill to get up so we had to do everything for him.


He spent a week lying on the floor of the bedroom because he couldn't even get in and out of bed. He needed the cold and hardness of the floor. His duvet was on one minute and off the next, his breathing was shallow one minute and rasping the next. He was burning with fever one minute and shivering with cold the next. At one point, around five days in, I called the NHS helpline to order an ambulance to take him to hospital because his breathing was so bad. The woman on the phone asked, 'Is he breathing?' and I said, 'To a fashion'. Her reply was, 'Then keep him at home and call if he stops breathing'.


I spent five nights awake even though I was ill myself, listening to him breathe so that if he stopped, even for a few seconds, I could immediately call the NHS and get him to hospital. I felt helpless and overwhelmed because I am not a medical person, how was I supposed to know the exact moment to call an ambulance?


My mind still plays that scene over and over and 10 months later I still can't sleep unless I have listened to him breathe for an hour. I tell him that I can't get to sleep for other reasons, but that's the reason. I need to know he's breathing properly before I can even think of going to sleep. I think I might do that every night for the rest of our lives together.


The virus took 8 weeks of our lives in total. It was that long before we could face the day with any sense of being well. My husband and I were nearly two stone lighter because we both lost our sense of taste and smell. I had a sweet tooth before getting the virus and loved chocolate and cheese. I can't eat sugar now, it leaves a metallic taste behind and I can take or leave chocolate and cheese. We all had different symptoms so the virus was very different to anything else we had ever had. It seemed to be personal, to target our weak spots. It has left the three of us with different long lasting symptoms. My husband gets breathless, my daughter has days of extreme fatigue and I have a cough that comes and goes. We are not the same people we were, not physically or mentally. We all have a different outlook on life, mainly positive but we know how fleeting and fragile it is. We are not as afraid to face death as we feel we looked it in the face and lived to tell the tale.


Our other daughter and our oldest grandson were ill with the Kent variant. My daughter is 35 but spent six weeks wheezing like a 90 year old. She seems to be breathing better now but it took its toll on her. She has also lost weight because she lost her sense of smell and taste. My grandson is 10 and was only ill for a few days. His Dad got ill on my grandson's 10th birthday. He has asthma so he was very ill but he recovered quicker than my daughter who has no underlying conditions.


I lost my auntie at the same time as having the virus and because I had symptoms for most of the last 10 weeks of her life, I only got to see her for an hour in total. I had looked after her for 10 years and seen her 2-4 times every week over that time and I wasn't there at the end. I will always feel guilty about that even though I know it wasn't my fault. I feel like I missed out on her and she died feeling that I didn't care. She was 94 and was one of the 25,000 or so people who were moved from hospital into care homes with suspected Covid. She was never tested and Covid wasn't on her death certificate but it is mentioned on three reports written by hospital doctors and a doctor who visited her in the care home. She died without any family with her, as did everybody else who has died during the pandemic.


My father died in February 2019 and as a write this, my mother waits, desperate to join him. She lives in New Zealand with my sister and today, my husband and I should have been on a flight to go and see her. New Zealand made that impossible when they found three cases of coronavirus in the community two weeks ago. Their Government decided to dramatically cut the number of people entering New Zealand and our flight was cancelled with all flights suspended until the end of May and no information about flights after that. Our tickets are being held for up to 18 months and with restrictions lifting in the UK and a range of vaccines being available, it is likely that we might be able to go by the summer. My mother is so ill now that it is very unlikely she will love that long. She doesn't want to so my sister and I have decided to give her certainty and say that I can't go. The stress of uncertainty makes her even more ill.


So, how am I coping with the pandemic?


My life has generally been ok. Financially we are better off as we have both worked. My husband was on furlough for four months but he has worked through most of it. My family got the virus and survived which I am incredibly thankful for.




Death has been a constant companion and I haven't been able to see my loved ones in their final days, haven't been able to say goodbye. That sits heavy on me and clouds every day. It will continue to cloud every day for a long time. It is not the natural order of things. When people get ill family rally around, taking it in turns to sit with the person, to hold their hand, to tell them it's ok. Taking that away from the collective experience of humanity across the world will have an impact we haven't even thought of yet. Nobody who has lived through this experience will forget it. The world has shared an event that will change it forever. We just don't know how yet.


Healthcare Worker

I am concerned to notice rising intolerance & prejudice during this difficult time of pandemic. There is increase racism, numerous complaints ( true & falsified) by hospital staff ( clinical & non-clinical) against black & Asian clinicians. London publication headline “ THERE ARE 2 PANDEMICS HAPPENING IN UK - COVID & RACISM”. There is little support for people subjected to domestic abuse during lockdown. To reduce the impact of the pandemic, what we need is the opposite ie unity, tolerance & kindness. A lot of doctors are actively planning to retire early or returning to India & East Europe.


we need to oppose all kinds of prejudices eg sexism, racism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, nazism Etc. We need more awareness of Unconscious/ Implicit bias.


we can rebuild a prosperous future in a short period if we work together using the plethora of innovation developing so fast.


kind regards


a UK Medical doctor

United Kingdom


I am feeling so depressed. I thought I had gotten over my depression and worked to get better but with the pandemic it all came crashing back down and I don’t know how to stop it.



Covid has been a really hard time, especially whilst doing A levels, there’s little to no support and the situation concerning exams is so unknown and keeps getting delayed.

The pressure put on us to achieve high grades when we’ve missed half the year is so unreasonable.

My mental health has declined rapidly I’ve always had issues but I’ve recently had to call my doctors and organise some help.

I feel like students are misunderstood a repeatedly told we are just making excuses for not working yet I’m working so hard and feel completely behind and alone



It's not fair. These were supposed to be the best years of my life. It's not fair.



Hi there,

It's a crappy situation this. And to be honest, I'm not sure how to adequately talk about it all. Everyone has experienced something or is going through something different. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that Covid will be gone tomorrow, or that everything will be back to normal by next week, because I don't know that it will. Nobody knows that.

But I do know, that no matter how hard it gets, if you've lost someone, lost your job, your friends or your family... you will always have yourself.

It's hard sometimes, but remember that you are worthy of care and support and love, from yourself and others. That you are here today is amazing, and I' m grateful that you are. I know its stressful, and full of a lot of sadness, I'm going through that myself. But it will get better. Focus on the little things that make you happy, and remember that its not forever. You are loved, and it will get better.


Whatever you are going through, I am sorry.

You are not alone in this xx



Bored. Just plain bored as I can't see my friends and Netflix can only be so entertaining. So I found a game called Lost Land and there's six parts to it, so hopefully that should keep be entertained in the mean time.



I miss my friend who died with Covid in May. She was such a special person to me. She lived a 100 miles from my home. But we saw each other several times a year. Listening to her on the phone from her home in her final days was difficult. I wanted to hold her hand, I wanted to give her some company and some comfort. I tried my very best to be cheery and kind and understanding. She had supported my family - therefore - in the end, not to be able to reciprocate was awful. But that was not to be, life has been thrown into all sorts of disarray. No final goodbye, no funeral, no celebration of her life. Just another statistic. I feel sad about that. But I am glad she was part of our lives for a long time and that we had shared something good over the years.

United Kingdom


Some days I'm tearing my hair out, I feel I actually could do it, some days I'm insane with stress. A special needs child who can't cope with online learning, day after day of trying to satisfy the demands that an ADHD child has, where everything is on fast forward permanently, and there's NEVER enough to fill the gaps. Oh how I'd love some gaps. My own identity a thing of the past, not sure I will ever get it back. Grateful, very grateful, to all those caring for people who are ill and all those who are supporting the lockdown, delivery drivers, supermarket workers etc. But the relationships between parent(s) and children are going to be permanently changed by this, some lucky ones maybe for the better but a lot of us for the worse I'm sure. I'm not sure my child will ever like me again. I feel completely alone with the stress. There is no joy, just survival. This wasn't how I saw my life as a parent!



There is so much stress and pressure in the world, everyone is using social media more often and it seems to be the only way for us to connect with the people we love. I miss going out and seeing friends, hugging my grandma and eating in a restaurant. I miss my old life and the way it was before. It feels like this pandemic is never going to end and I’m not sure if I will make it through this lockdown.



Hello World,


I'm scared. I'm afraid to leave the house. I'm afraid to answer the door without a mask on. I get angry when I see people not wearing a mask and not social distancing. I'm tired of people saying they want things to "return to normal" because it isn't going to. It simply isn't ever going to be like it was and I'm not sure that's such a bad thing. They are wasting precious time and energy wishing for something that is irretrievable.


My husband is Asperger's and he is driving me nuts. He is always there. He always has a comment and it is always negative. He chips away at me day after day like a long slow drip on a stone. My best friend lives alone and she goes on and on and on about how hard it is now. I listen as she tells me how lucky I am to have someone as I sit there desperate for a moment's peace... and then I feel guilty for feeling that way.


I feel trapped by this horrible virus but I know things could be so much worse.


As my friend says, "I'm tired of this... but we all are, aren't we."



United Kingdom


I really miss holding hands with someone. Anyone. And hugging. I Really miss the physical connection between my family and friends. The ability to hold someone in my arms when they’re emotionally falling apart just so that they are aware that I’m there for them, even if it’s only with a hug. God, how I wish someone could hug me right now. Tears are rolling down my face as I’m typing this. Virtual {{{hugs}}} don’t really cut it.


I suppose it could be worse. At least I have access to technology and the ability to reach out to the world through a video camera. Not everyone has that blessing. I keep telling myself that, but that little pep talk gets harder to swallow as each month rolls by and the pandemic continues to evolve. Changing itself, changing my world, changing me.


I hate the way that the virus has taken away my ability to choose how I live and interact with my world. I itch at the restrictions placed on me but I will comply. I resent that my only option to fight this pandemic is by complying. I feel helpless and powerless.


I also feel vulnerable. I could do with a hug.





A small thing. I hate that I can't see my colleagues. One made a comment that annoyed me today and instead of being able to discuss it like rational adults I'm sitting here fuming.


The isolation is a magnifying glass that makes tiny irritations look like giants.



I am feeling tired. I started fighting covid in March 2020. I won, but it cost me my hands and feet. I am grateful to be alive but getting tired of fighting for what i need to enjoy my new life. good upper body prosthetics are expensive.I am grateful for all who are supporting me. I am enjoying my new life. I would like to be able to sleep.

United Kingdom


I hope everyone reading this is well.


Lockdown, for me, has been a blessing in disguise. Not having ti interact with people on a daily basis and having the time to be allows to work, rather than be forced into the abusive dynamic my life was pushed into years ago... It's wonderful. Its like some omnipotent force has created a barrier that allows me to protect myself from people where the law has failed me for the last decade.


I know some people refuse to accept that the lockdown includes them, or that it infringes on their 'rights', but frankly if your want to carry on doing what you want comes at the cost of others lives, you deserve to be fined, jailed or legally reprehended. These are the same people who behave like assholes every day of their lives, who refuse to compromise or consider anyone or anything other than themselves.


And to not have to deal with them everyday is what life should be like all the time.

United Kingdom


In my eighth decade I thought that I had seen most things. My career and later my personal choices in retirement took me around the world. I rode the waves of culture with enormous pleasure. Countries and their peoples differ but there is no hierarchy. We are all first and foremost human. Very rarely, though, did I feel that an event bound us together as much as the Pandemic has. Yes some countries have been statistically (numbers of cases and deaths) more fortunate than others. Some have governments that have managed things better than others. But we have all been touched. In my long life I can’t remember this having happened before.


The universality of the human experience has never been more vividly demonstrated. It is not a competition to be better but an opportunity to be kind. We are all citizens of the world and we have a duty to other citizens, especially if they are less fortunate than ourselves. The death of one man or one woman anyhere from COVID-19 diminishes us all. I believe we have the power to make things better if we do it together.

United Kingdom

Essential Worker

I feel like at 51 and single that I will never meet anyone to share my life with





I think anxiety has been a massive challenge for many of us through these difficult times. I have always had it but it has now been excacerbated by COVID-19. I'm anxious about money, lost contact with friends, my health and my families. COVID-19 has led to rising mental health issues and I know I am one of those statistics... one of those struggling. I don't want to burden others with my concerns when everyone is already concerned about their own issues during the pandemic. So I have come here to let it all out... try and release some of this anxiety built up in side of me.


On a good note though... I see hope. The vaccine. There is hope.


Please all take care of yourselves and stay safe. All the best.


- Anon

The United Kingdom


idk who this is going to but oh well!

i don’t really hate lockdown as such and i don’t complain about it because being in school for me is a struggle.

but over the course of the last few weeks everything’s been down, ive lost friends, i’ve lost someone close to me, i don’t really have anyone to make me feel comfortable or loved. i know these are all first world problems and trusy me i know; but being lonely especially when you’re stuck at home sucks.

i hope whoever reads this is having an okay time coping with lockdown and i wish them the best.



Hi All,

recently, I have been struggling with the death of an ex boyfriend. I ended up in hospital after attempting suicide. I feel that writing a letter may help me to release my feeling without anybody knowing who I am. I am getting help but I don’t feel that it is working and my mum is adding extra stress onto me.



I feel in a distinct sense of depersonalisation and depression in which the things that normally keep me happy no longer do. Nothing feels real and worthwhile and its hard to be hopeful that times will get better.


I am worried that the mental health problems im having during lockdown will not go away when it is over. I’m also dealing with a breakup and feel more insecure than ever.



Better days are to come. Lockdown has been so emotionally exhausting but I hope anybody reading this knows there is hope and there are better times in the future. The vaccine is such a positive amongst these sad times and hopefully will lead us out of this pandemic and back to the old 'normal'




Hello ,

Take Care of yourself

I love you



You Can do it


Happy Life , Aventure and see beautiful Sky today and another Day.


Don't forget your dream -L



Lockdown has been such a challenge for me and I'm sure many others. However, when the days get long and I feel down... I try to remember that I am lucky. I have my good health and the privilege of being able to STAY AT HOME. Something, which are key workers are unable to do.


So I want this letter to be a thank you. Thank you to everyone staying at home and doing their bit. Thank you to every single key worker and every member of frontline staff. Your hard-work is appreciated by many. I hope better times are to come, I'm sure we will see the daylight in this year long dark night soon.

United Kingdom


I don’t know if this is actually anonymous I really hope it is. I’m from the UK and like everyone else I feel like I’m living the same day over and over again. I used to be such an extrovert But now meeting people suck the energy out of me. I feel like the situation of isolation simulates what depression can feel like because you’re all alone and you don’t really have anything to look forward to and you’re pretty much trapped. however I know it sounds bad but the fact that everyone is in the same boat makes me feel like I’m not missing out and sometimes I like the fact that I can be alone without feeling like I need to meet other people



So many words I wish I could tell you , im too afraid though so I go on websites like these hoping that you will see, and then maybe you will message me and I can finally let it all out to you about how I feel. I’m not really the type of girl who sticks to one person, but then I met you. You filled the missing spot in my heart, and when you left you took it , now no one else can fill it back , only you can. You are so perfect to me in every way, I love your smile, your laugh, your eyes, the way you smell and every other thing . You are so good at playing the piano and singing. You taught me how to hug , you taught me how to be happy , and how to feel alive. I know you aren’t in love with me and never will be because you even told me that but God I wish I could be the one you wanted. I would do anything for you. I wonder if you ever dream about me or miss me . -h


Essential Worker

Thank you to the lovely lady who's letter is below, you do a great job at CSO, your genorosity is always appreciated......Respect.



In a time when many are dealing with anxiety and fear over a new disease with no cure available, comfort can come in the form of spiritual wellness. Spiritual health is a domain of Total Force Fitness that focuses on beliefs and practices. The goal is to build connectedness through hope, meaning, and purpose. Spiritual caregivers me included help people nurture that connectedness. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic when physical proximity is limited, I and others are getting creative with how we offer spiritual support.


There’s so much from our spiritual traditions that assume an in-person connection. To suddenly be in an environment where the way we operate has changed so radically and realize that the way to care for patients is actually to maintain a distance is a real shift in how we deliver care.

As spiritual caregivers, we are tasked to find creative ways to nurture.

We are hopeful that in the absence of physical touch there can be a different, transcendental touching of the spirit instead.

This is a really good time to look outside of oneself to see how that fear can be overcome. There's a lot of wisdom from a lot of different spiritual traditions that I think one can find in a time like this.


We can all help one another to reach that consequential state of mind and soul by simply asking what it is that gives you meaning and purpose in life, and encouraging each other to do just that.



Pastor (Cmdr.), Former Navy chaplain - Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

Ontario, Canada

Essential Worker

Hi Guys,


Since Covid started in July 2019, we have all suffered greatly, but when you have your grandchildren come and stay with you and you visit them regularly inside your bubble, and have both your daughters and sons over, its lovely to do the things that we forgot to do before technology took over. As my Sis would put it, "the way we used to live ".


Its also lovely to spend time with your one and only, who you don't often see due to working for CSO,

I find that those " Special Moments " that you spend with your hubby are rare when both of you work such long hours and different shifts.


Both my husband and I know that we will all get through this.

Soon to return to normal living.


Keep the faith, take very good care of yourselves all of you and be safe.


Shrewsbury, shropshire

Healthcare Worker

Well guys, we've nearly been a year with covid-19. Just wow!

Looking back, i have had some special times made with my children this year. Being in lockdown has bought us all alot closer together, we have all made more time for each other. We have enjoyed the days out walking, and nights spent playing games.


Being a key worker, my children have had to continue at school so i can work.

Something which they have found very hard, due to friends not attending. But i think they have secretly been grateful for. It has kept their routine pretty similar to the norm, and they have been able to interact with people other than myself and my partner.


I am so very grateful for the teachers ensuring they are kept as safe as possible during these crazy times, and adapting to the "new school" days.


I am also grateful my children see us going to work everyday, and appreciate we are tired and exhausted wgen we return home.


But, keeling the talking around the dinner table, followed by a family fame each night keeps us sane. Planning a nice walk and movie each weekend, is keeping us sane. The small moments we catch up with family when lockdown allows & via Internet is so special now, when once was taken for granted.


Stay humble everyone, appreciate what you have 😍

London UK

Essential Worker

This is how I feel, day in , day out. for those of you don't believe try what we do.


Covid-19: Mortician says deaths have taken a toll - BBC News


Essential Worker


Covid-19: 'One medic saw eight people die in a single shift' - BBC News


When you read news like this, and read all of it, how can anyone say its going to get better, The NHS is overwhelmed, wehther the government wants to admit it or not.


It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

United Kingdom


It will get better. There is hope. You are not alone.


It is difficult but the vaccine brings hope. Don't give up... work harder towards your goals and stick to the rules. We will see an end to this soon I hope.



Hello everybody,


If any of you have a religion or faith, try and hold meetings or join them via some kind of audio and video app or software,

and make sure you do so by routine. It really helps to combat the loneliness even just to hear other's voices and hear their emotions .

I am a Christian of Church of England, and I'm finding that by joining an app called Zoom , my days are less lonely.

At the end of each service, we gather together and wish each other well, and talk about everything and all sorts.

There's laughter and smiles and we see each other and it breaks up the day. It also leaves you feeling positive.


I wish everybody well and hope we can all find comfort in however we are coping and whatever we doing to get through this. XO



It's winter and the days are as dark and lonely as the nights. Lockdown has left us all isolated and afraid of what's to come. The vaccine brings hope but the daily death tolls bring grief and terror.


I do believe this should be the final wave, I hope so. Unfortunatley, no future success in supressing the virus can prevent this month's coming deaths. I hope you all stay well and in the best spirits you can.


Make plans for the future and look forward to when it is all over.

Wuhan, China

Healthcare Worker

Greetings World,


We are very happy that we have minimal infection here now.

And most of our communities are kind, caring and helpful to each other


So to people like a previous letter saying this :

( "Suffering, loneliness and hopelessness cannot be part of God's will. Jeremiah "I know the thoughts that I think toward, you saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil...'" )

from a UK citizen,


first of all not everyone believe's in your God and secondly,

try being kind, and offer words of support to people who are lonely, or feeling hopeless or suffering instead of belittling them, and saying they are evil. to feel this way. its not good will to say or think this.


Of course in China evil is no such thing, but we have studied other beliefs and faiths and see how you percieve evil and good.


As a final word, you will all see the lights in time, and come out of this stronger nations.



Covid 19 has us by the balls

There is nowhere we can run

We can’t escape it’s rasping calls

Feels like our days are done

Boris spouts’-‘wash hands, keep apart’

Seemingly umming and sat on a fence

And for those who work night and day from the heart

Clap your hands- but no recompense

The country is really now down on its knees

Depression is high on our lists

We dive to the shops for a pizza and peas

And spend evenings at home getting pissed

Now, on the horizon a vaccine appears

All shining and holding the key

Will this be the answer?

Will this end the fears?

Kill the virus and set us all free?

There are no real answers - no ways we can turn

It’s like traversing in the dark

But we have to have faith and show that we have learned

this is serious, no walk in the park

We need to connect, to be close and to live

We will hopefully soon beat this thing

The world has so many big hugs left to give

And so many new songs to sing...

Try to keep buoyant so bad thoughts don’t win through

Help the children get past this as well

Treat everyone kindly as they should treat you

And believe in the end of this hell.

West Virginia, US


As an elderly person and veteran of USAAF, I have struggled to breathe with the constant wearing of masks when we are out. My wife and I, have serious medical issues and cannot and should not use masks, or should be exempt, but we get arrested for not doing so even though we have a card. The infection rates in the US, are sky high and we have a governement who coudn't care less about us. As a veteran, I can safely say that on the whole we are not looked after enough as it is. And this is very very wrong. With all we have done for our country, its disgusting the way we are treated.




My ex is a senior practice nurse & her daughter a newly qualified child nurse & I had just rescued their celebratory foreign holiday by house sitting when the first English Lockdown occured & I syayed to help.

It went well enough but miss the family dogs terribly now but this Seconf Lockdown, now I have found my own home is just another trial that must be endured to protect the Natiom. However I get more than a little frustrated by thoise who cannot / will not grasp how serious this can be for everyone , should it go wrong!

Darwin had a Theory of Evolution & the Emergency Services battle against it which is laudable but you do wonder about those with a "death wish"! So, I'm "home alone" this time with all be benefits of modern technology, feeling the effects of what I suspect is Long Covid p9icked up probably from a relative who worked in London in December 2019 & now have stinging skin on hands & lower legs, scabbibg skin secretion & painful asthma but life goes on, so abide by advice & get on with it, safely, its a test of willpower & resillience & we will ne stronger for it XX Love to all.

United Kingdom


covid 19 negatively impacted my life. I am a financially independent person and with work being shut since the first lockdown my income has been very low. I understand that the furlough scheme was put in place to support us but it's not enough. On top of that I am a btec student who has been put at a disadvantage from other students. The government announced A level exams would be cancelled but didn't say anything about btecs. At this stage I was very anxious and nervous about the outcome of my grades so I stayed up revising non stop only for the government to announce that btecs would be cancelled with less that a weeks notice. I was relived but at the same time panicked because I don't want my grades to be based on my dedication to online learning as I find it very difficult to understand work over online lessons. I just hope that the grade I am awarded is fair and accurate so I have a chance at attending university. I strongly believe that if the government had been more vigilant and strict at the start of the pandemic then maybe we wouldn't be in this situation now as many other countries have been able to rid their citizens of the virus. Another thing I want to point out is how unjust boris johnson has been over the course of the pandemic, I am a Muslim and for us our eid was cancelled the night before and certain restrictions were set in place to ensure we couldn't celebrate, however boris allowed the restrictions to ease when Christmas came around ensuring families could meet and celebrate together. I am very disappointed with how the country is handling the pandemic. The government has not been able to protect us in this time of need.



Dear world,

What a palava this virus has given us....on the bright side I have lots of time to knit and cook from scratch. Trying out lots of new recipes on my long suffering hubby.

Lots of Time to write good old fashioned letters and catch up with old friends.

Our home is cleaner and tidied and lots of painting jobs done,even the garden is tidy...snowdrops and daffs poking through.

I'd love a proper day out not just grocery shopping and a cuddle off my grandchildren .

Let's all get this jab and hopefully all our lives will get easier,

Best wishes to everyone

Stay safe and be kind ,

Elaine xx

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